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What Exactly is OnOutreach and What Does our software do?

What is OnOutreach?

OnOutreach was created by ECN Digital Development and helps users get the right emails and phone numbers of the decision-maker within a company with this high-quality lead generation software. You can also send targeted email campaigns to these leads, score them in the CRM and pipeline system as well as finding their social media. You can even create your own chatbots to talk to your leads once they are on your website.

We made OnOutreach after we became annoyed with how slow and unreliable manual prospecting can be, so we build this all-in-one email finder and direct marketing suite.

If you're like most marketers or salespeople, you spend a lot of time prospecting for new leads, it's dull. And if you're not using the right tools, that time can add up quickly and burn a hole in the business's pocket in wages. Using OnOutreach will never be a problem for you again, OnOutreach is designed to save you time and money. 

What is the difference between us and our competitors?

Unlike most of our competitors, we combine all the data harvesting tools you need along with a CRM, pipelines and email marketing software all in one as well as all our other lead generation products. We don’t mess around with credits like our other competitors, so you know exactly what you are getting for one consistent price.

We are regularly adding new products without increasing our costs, in fact we lowered our costs to help our customers while the price of energy is so high, many others have raised their prices.

Our Email marketing software is unique compared to your traditional Email marketing software, our software sends Email campaigns one by one with a time delay to each to make it look like a regular Email to the Email hosts, this prevents you landing into the spam box, most Email marketing software on the market to date sends emails all in one and gets send the spam box without a question.

We even have a warm-up feature that sends emails to our internal servers and our sever sends back Emails and move any emails that landed in the spam box to the main inbox telling the Email hosts these emails are not spam or marketing.

What Is OnOutreach’s Social Responsibility pledge?

At OnOutreach we believe businesses can be a force for good, so we contribute 5% of our revenue to carbon removal projects to help fight climate change as part of our corporate responsibility pledge. We support a portfolio of emerging technologies that remove CO₂ from the atmosphere. Which works with a multidisciplinary group of scientific experts to find and evaluate the most promising carbon removal technologies to date.

What does our software do and what's included? 

Business Info, Email, Phone & Social Media Extractor From A List Of Websites

With this tool you can find email addresses, social media contacts and phone numbers This tool will scrape the websites listed and return a list of email addresses, phone numbers, and full names for a variety of social and business contacts from any domain name.

Find Emails From First Name, Last Name Or Company Name

Find contact information with either just the first name, last name, company name or domain of the person you are trying to find or find bulk emails for a list of contacts in different companies.

Chatbot Solution To Capture And Convert Visitors Into Leads

Automatically chat with your visitors and capture data from them without having to have staff on hand 24/7. Your Chatbot can collect lead information such as email, mobile number, and Company name and help guide them to the right place or answer any common questions you get.

Daily Registered Domains List With Leads Information

A list of newly registered domains with location, phone numbers, emails, domains, registered date, and more. A great way to find new companies created on the Internet and generate new leads.

This is ideal for marketing agencies as you can get to the companies in the early stages of their sites lifecycle and offer your SEO and other marketing Services.

Online Review Management To Get More Online Reviews

Add a review capture widget to your website to increase the likelihood your visitors will leave you a review. This widget is ideal for any business and can be easily added to your website in just a few simple steps outline in the tutorial.

Email Sequence Campaigns / Warm Up Deliverability Tool

An easy-to-use email marketing campaign tool that helps you find contacts, build the email template, design the email and send it out to your leads. The tool also has built-in analytic functions to track the progress of your marketing campaigns with a built-in warm-up tool that makes sure you almost never end up in the spam box again!

Extract B2B Emails From B2B Social Media And Build Targeted Lists

This chrome extension is an email finder to extract emails and contacts from B2B social media to automate your prospecting. Our system will help them to find leads based on job title, location, country, industry, and company size. This tool can even be used to automatically send messages to these prospects with customise tags such as first name, company name, etc.

Company Data Software To Find New Leads (Find Emails, Phone Numbers, URLs, Ect.)

A tool for extracting company information based on location, size and industry. Extract email addresses, phone numbers, social media accounts, domains (which can be used for the contact finder tool to find individuals email addresses) and more.

All of these tools have been designed to maximise your businesses outreach potential as well as saving your business time and money by automating lead generation, customer tracking and support, sending email campaigns and capturing reviews. 


We hope this article has helped give you a better understanding of what our software does and how it can help your business.

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Revolutionize your lead generation process with our powerful software. Find the contact information of the right decision-makers and launch targeted email campaigns with ease. Connect with leads on social media and automate messaging. Plus, create custom chatbots to engage visitors on your website. Take your sales to the next level with our all-in-one solution.

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